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Marble rubber caused by oil pollution, one is due to poor quality of m

The other is due to improper construction process,memorial benches workers forget to put curing agent, or curing dose is insufficient, will greatly extend the dry marble glue, curing time, one of the oil, will penetrate into the stone surface and internal, the formation of oil stains.

There is also a low temperature construction, heart headstones such as in less than 5 degrees Celsius environment construction, marble glue curing rate will be greatly slowed down, resulting in oil pollution.

④ poor sealant

Poor quality sealant, containing more impurities, easy to form oil spots.

5, the daily cleaning caused by oil cross headstones

Mainly refers to the electrostatic cleaning fluid, that is, improper use of dust to push the oil, resulting in oil stains. At room temperature, spray dust after pushing the oil, to push the dust to dry more than 24 hours to use.

If the dust is not fully absorbed, it is put into use, not only can not achieve the effect of clean stone, but will cause dust to push oil pollution.

Third, the performance of oil stains

Animal and vegetable oils, mineral oil and other substances, penetrate the stone surface and internal, affecting the visual effects of stone, and with the follow-up changes, there are various problems.

1, stone color

Animal and vegetable oil formation of oil spots, often appear yellowing, discoloration and other phenomena. The main reason is that animal and vegetable oils, containing a large number of fatty acid composition, infiltration of stone, the surface and the air in the oxygen chemical reaction, resulting in yellowing and other color change phenomenon.

And kerosene, oil and other mineral oil, and some have their own deep color, penetration is also strong, will cause the stone black and other color changes.

2, destruction of stone

Oil spots have a strong adsorption, will absorb the dust in the air, ground soil and various pollutants, these substances, in the air, water and other conditions, will produce unpredictable changes, resulting in harmful material, Structure of the composition, long-term treatment, will cause the destruction of stone.


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