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We are attending the Street League Skateboarding with Nike SB!

PUMA launched a new stunning color evoTOUCH boots - shoes - soccer shoes soccer equipment portal _ENJOYZ football equipment network
PUMA yesterday released a new color evoTOUCH football shoes, all white background with stunning blue details, to create a simple neat appearance. EvoTOUCH signing star player Fawkesk \u0026 middot; Fabregas and Marco \u0026 middot; Vilati will be put on this weekend with this new color evoTouch boots match the stadium. In July this year, the first evoTOUCH boots in the traditional leather material while maintaining the advantages of goedkope nike air max 2017 innovative lightweight design, once the advent of the traditional leather shoes will bring a subversive impact of the field. The nike air max 2017 dames goedkoop evoTOUCH boots are made of white leather vamps with contrasting blue braided linings and PUMA's iconic Form Stripe track design with a stylish look and neat design, while ensuring that the player can always show the best Of the movement state. Boots have a unique design structure, so that high-quality touch from the inside out, rather than just from the ball instantly from the transmission. EvoTOUCH boots is not only the excellent performance of the players to ensure that it is to promote their free play on the pitch, so that they disdain in the game. EvoTOUCH upper leather ultra-soft, ultra-thin and lightweight features make the foot closer to football, no matter what the conditions can achieve extraordinary touch experience. Integrated evoKNIT lining woven with the foot of the ultimate fit to create a barely comfortable feeling, and lined with anti-slip GripTex arrow-shaped pattern can firmly secure the foot to prevent slippage in the shoes. Excellent touch, excellent comfort, stable parts of the foot, and with SPEEDTRACK ridge structure of the new outsole, make this new color evoTOUCH more perfect. Wearing evoTOUCH boots Chelsea star Cesc Fabregas said: 'evoTOUCH not only reform my past way of playing, but also make me always feel comfortable, but also did not damage my unique style on the field. In the training or in the game, I tend to wear leather shoes, but I also hope that the shoes can be some innovative and high-tech elements, so evoTOUCH is my ideal choice, both in touch, fit, grip and Stability, can give me the perfect play experience. PUMA new color of the evoTOUCH shoes from November 21 in the PUMA official website, PUMA major retail stores and selected around the world football products franchise stores on sale.


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