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#1 2015-10-06 11:54:01

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Some ideas for *Better* fool Ing*ss

Here are some ideas:

- at the moment there is no information about the numbers of satellites that give the position, then someone can say "you have a stable position but you can't fix no satellite? are you cheating?"
      I think this missing information cause my gps lock icon (GT i9300) to flash..
- the random position is a good idea/option, but it can be better if user can decide the radius of it.
- the random position must have a random generation time (short or user configurable). "A random position at fixed interval is suspicious!"
- the movement speed (on tour) can't be steady. When you drive or walk you have to slow down, accelerate or stop. You can't get a trip at constant velocity of 10Km/h. It's better to set the MAX Speed and Medium Speed (i know, this is an hard job to do! but if you decide to emulate the real world those things happen) And.. acceleration from 0km/h to 40km/h on the same tour must be done through at least linear acceleration

what do you think?


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