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#1 2014-11-18 16:24:56

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Little location jumps (moved)

Hi I have purchased this app yesterday.
When using it in a "game",  i notice little jumps randomly to left, right, up, down ... I mean there is no way fo cursor stay still, quiet.  (Is this normal?)
Then suddenly it jumped to real location.
Close all, restart and the same situation happened.
Then after reading some posts here I have covered tablet with aluminum foil. Result: no more jumps to real location smile
Only those tiny jumps each 1 or 2 seconds. Why this happens?

Other thing, often in the app appears what it looks like a dialer keyboard, i press Done and it disappears.
What is that dialer keyboard?


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#2 2014-11-18 18:19:01

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Re: Little location jumps (moved)

the dialer keyboard will be fixed soon.
The tiny jumps may occur when you activate "radomize position". It's used to never set the exact same location twice. What would never happen in real life.


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