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Learn How To Sing Online: 3 Keys For Online Singing Lessons Success & For Becoming A Better Singer

And the answer is, yes, you can learn how to sing at home. However, it only works if you go about

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it the right way. Read on to discover three keys for how to become a singer with the help of online singing lessons.

1. Take it Seriously

It will only work if you work it. I know that s a clich  but it s true. Maybe you won t have to face your teacher and be embarrassed if you didn t practice. But you know you re not a kid anymore. You re not practicing for the teacher anymore. You re practicing for YOU. So do it.

2. Singing Is like Playing Tennis or Basketball or Running...

What? Tennis or Basketball? Indeed. Just as with any sports or anything else that required finely honed motor skills, you need to practice. In fact, there are

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two reasons for that: you need to build up both skill and stamina. You re not just practicing to get the notes right, although that is important. You need to condition your vocal organs to allow them go get stronger and stronger, to increase your control. It s just like with any other skill. The more you practice, the better you get.

3. Find a way to get feedback.

Yes, feedback is important. So you don t have a voice teacher to pick on you. But you still need some way to figure out how close you are to your target. Imagine trying to learn how to play basketball with your eyes closed. Unless you take a special extra step, you may find you re trying to learn to sing with your ears closed.

An online course will give you a certain amount of feedback. But here is a special secret trick I used when I learned new languages, and when I was teaching others German or English, and it works with singing too:

Buy yourself a cheap tape or digital recorder and record yourself right next to the model you re trying to emulate. When we just repeat after the original, our ears can fool us. We don t sound to ourselves the way we sound to others. But if both versions are on tape, yours and theirs, side by side, you ll hear the difference and you can make adjustments until you sound the way you want to sound.

So can you learn to sing from an online course? You bet. Just be sure to follow

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the three steps I explained above, and you ll soon be singing circles around your friends.


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