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Red Sox Postpone Game Against Royals - RealGM Wiretap
The Boston Red Sox and Kansas City Royals will not play their scheduled game on Friday night at Fenway Park.

As the massive manhunt for a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings continues Wholesale Jerseys , the Boston area has largely been shut down.

The Twitter account of the Red Sox stated that the decision was made "to support efforts of law enforcement officers."

Shelby Miller Retires 27 Straight In One Hitter - RealGM Wiretap

St. Louis Cardinals right-hander Shelby Miller allowed a single to begin Friday night's game against the Colorado Rockies and nothing else.

The rookie retired 27 straight batters in a one-hitter for the first complete game of his Major League career.

"I feel really good," Miller said. "It's definitely the best game I've thrown in my life. How it finished was unbelievable. It was a great experience. [Catcher Yadier Molina] was calling a great game and they were making great plays for me. It was a start I'll remember the rest of my life."

Miller tied a St. Louis rookie record with 13 strikeouts.

He is the first Cardinals pitcher in the modern era to throw a shutout with one hit or fewer and no walks and at least 13 strikeouts.

Brewers Offering $10 Vouchers For August Games - RealGM Wiretap

The Milwaukee Brewers are reaching into their wallet in the wake of a disappointing season and Ryan Braun's suspension.

Every fan that shows up with a ticket to any of the team's 12 home games in August will receive a $10 voucher that will be good for food, beverages, tickets or merchandise.

"We were finalizing something like this to give back to our loyal fans just as news of Ryan's suspension hit," said the team's COO, Rick Schlesinger. "Mark [Attanasio] decided he wanted to make a dramatic impact that would cost more money."

Despite a 43-61 record, the Brewers have drawn well this season, bringing in an average of more than 31 Wholesale Soccer Jerseys China ,000 fans per game. Based on those calculations, the vouchers will cost the team more than $3.6 million if they are all used.

锘? I've been thinking about starting a stock market prediction business. Clearly, there is a huge market for timely and accurate information of this type, and just as clearly, predicting the future is much easier than dealing with the realities of whatever is actually happening at the moment. If investors could know what's going to happen next, they could develop a plan to deal with it in the present. Maybe Wall Street could help me get this new business up and running! What's that? Wall Street institutions already spend billions predicting future price movements of the stock market, individual issues & indices, commodities Wholesale Soccer Jerseys , and hemlines. Really? Is that right also? Economists have been analyzing and charting world economies for decades, showing clearly the repetitive cyclical changes and their upward bias. Funny then, or strange would be more accurate, that the advice generated by the oracles of Wall Street seems to assume that the current environment, good or bad, will be everlasting. Isn't it this kind of thinking and advising that prolongs the downturns and "bubbles" the advances---in all markets? If it were true that our favorite pinstriped product pushers can actually predict the future, why would investors do what they do in response to the predictions? Why would financial professionals of every shape and size holler: "sell" at lower prices, and "buy at any price" when market valuations surge upward? Shouldn't lower prices be the call to the mall? Most Wall Street soothsaying has a short-term focus that dwells upon today's market conditions; most Wall Street glossies emphasize the long-term nature of investment programs Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , and encourage investors to apply patience to the program they decide to use for goal achievement. Why is the advice so out of sinc? The reason for the emphasis confusion is simple: it's easier to play to the emotion of the moment than it is to look beyond--- even though we all know that a directional change will be along eventually. Regardless of the direction, Wall Street advice will always fuel the operative emotion: greed or fear! Wall Street's retail representatives never go against the grain of the consensus opinion--- particularly the one projected to them by their superiors. You cannot obtain independent thinking from a Wall Street salesperson; it doesn't fill up the "Beemer". Here's some global advice that you will not hear on the street of dreams: Sell into rallies. Buy on bad news. Buy slowly; sell quickly. Always sell too soon. Always buy too soon. And by the way, who do you think is buying and selling the securities you have been told to dump or to hoard? No self respecting guru would ever refute the basic truths that the market indices, individual issue prices, the economy, and interest rates will continue to move in both directions, unpredictably, forever. Hmmm Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , this is where you need to focus your attention if you want to get through the investment process with your sanity. You need to expect and plan for directional changes and learn to use them to your advantage. Tranquilizers may be necessary to get you through the first few cycles, but if you have minimized your risk properly, you can actually thrive on the long-term predictability of the markets. The risk of loss cannot be eliminated. A simple change in a security's market value is not a loss of principal just as certainly as a change in the market value of your home is not evidence of termite damage. Markets are complicated; emotions about one's assets are even more so. Cyclical changes in all markets are just as predictable conceptually as knowing approximately where you are within a cycle is knowable actually. The key is to understand what your securities are expected to do within the cyclical framework. Now there's a knowledge business with no Wall Street practitioner.


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