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Common Projects Shoes Sale years to regain

Unquestionably, Jackson, 45, has a lesson or two to teach about turning a life around. As a teenager she suffered a traumatic sexual assault when

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an intruder broke into her home. It took years to regain her footing, but she fought through the psychological wounds to become a talented makeup artist, then parlayed that skill into the multimillion-dollar Victoria Jackson Cosmetics line. Today she uses her clout and life lessons to help other women rebuild their lives. "She teaches that the perfect place to start, when you're in a self-esteem crisis, is by looking in a mirror and saying, 'I can do this,' " says actress Ali McGraw, a friend who has appeared in Jackson's ads.

At the Twin Towers Jackson demonstrates for the group on the face of Valeria Amador, 25, serving an 18-month sentence for narcotics possession. "You're going to see how soft, pretty eyebrows look," Jackson tells the group. "How one little eyebrow pencil will change your look, change the message you put out and how you feel about yourself." The audience is willing, and the message gets across. "The way she showed us to use makeup doesn't make you look mean," says inmate Leslie Crippen, 19. "It makes you look easy to approach."

Jackson has been equally

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successful with cancer patients who suffer hair loss following radiation and chemotherapy. For nearly a decade she has taught workshops at cancer clinics, bringing along makeup artists to show patients how to create eyebrows where there are none. "I thought, 'How could I help women look and feel better when they're at their lowest?' " Jackson says. "I can help them take some control."


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