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#1 2015-11-19 15:45:23

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Tasker Integration / Control


Just to say, I love your tool!

But what would make it super-awesome would be Tasker integration!

For example:
You could send a Tasker (intent/notification) when a waypoint is reached, we could use then use Tasker to stop the route for a random period of time at the waypoint, or even perform a Tasker action when the waypoint it reached.
You could start/stop/load/run routes via Tasker, so we could make it so that it could basically automatically decide to take a different route when it hits a waypoint, and then have it load a different route file.

Also if it would be possible for Tasker to change the speed value, you could have it so Tasker randomly change the speed to a slightly different value at each waypoint (or really wherever you want).



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